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Physical-chemical Testing studies

ESSEM Compliance Solutions Private Limited offers all the characterization and physicochemical testing studies necessary to support registration worldwide. Our extensive experience includes both active ingredients and formulated products. We have also worked with a wide variety of industrial chemicals, including dyes, flavour and fragrance substances, monomers, fluorinated chemicals, and inorganics. Our data have been successfully accepted in support of numerous registrations throughout Europe, North America, and Asia.

1200+ physical-chemical studies were performed and submitted to the regulatory authorities. The physical-chemical testing at our facility includes the following studies:

Physical State OPPTS 830.6303, Color - OPPTS 830.6302 , and Odor - OPPTS 830.6304

The physical state, color and the odour at 20 °C of the test item will be described by conventional terms.

OECD 102 - Melting / Freezing Point

OECD 103 - Boiling Point

OECD 104 - Vapour Pressure

OECD 105, CIPAC MT 157 - Water Solubility

OECD 107- Partition Coefficient by Shake Flask Method

OECD 109, CIPAC MT 3, CIPAC MT 186 - Specific Gravity, Density and Bulk Density

OECD 111 - Hydrolysis as a Function of pH

OECD 114 - Viscosity of Liquids

OECD 115 - Surface Tension of Aqueous Solutions

OECD 117 - Partition Coefficient by HPLC Method

OECD 122, CIPAC MT 75.3 - pH

ASTM - D93 and ISO 13736:2013 - Flash Point

ASTM STP447B - Particle Size Distribution

EU A9 and A10 - Flammability

EU A21 and A17 - Oxidizing Properties